Celeste M. Caraotta, Vice President

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Celeste M Caraotta, Vice President

Celeste Caraotta is vice president of Health Professions Grant Fund, a non-profit organization providing scholarships / grants to students and professionals in the health field, professional careers, or ministry.
Celeste received a Business Degree at Western Illinois University with a concentration in Marketing. After college she worked as a trainer for TRT Telecommunications, in which she was flown around the United States training people on their equipment.
She then worked for Cellular Business Systems, a division of Cincinnati Bell, as a Client Support Representative was promoted to the Roaming Department, in which she was the Primary Manager.
She later used her business degree and prior experience to manage a chiropractic health care facility for over 25 years, consisting of 4 doctors, and 20 staff members. She served in multiple facets of the practice, including the billing department, hiring, firing, front desk, and therapy. She took the necessary classes to obtain an x-ray technicians license and was able to take x-rays in the practice.
Celeste and her husband travel abroad serving in short term medical missions helping individuals in impoverished areas including the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Israel.
She is also the vice president of Medical Solution Ministries.
Celeste is the mother of 4 beautiful daughters, and enjoys spending time with her family, playing games, watching movies, walking / hiking, taking pictures, family vacations and shopping. She has been an active member in her church coaching Junior Bible Quiz, serving in nursery, housing ministry students, and enjoys participating in food, clothing and toy drives.